Rich Chocolate

A velvety rich chocolate cake steeped in coffee and rum is made even more decadent when teamed with chocolate ganache and/or buttercream. Take it even a step further by adding a few fresh raspberries to the filling!


Choc Mint

Rich chocolate cake layered with mint flavoured buttercream and choc/mint chips.



A rich chocolate cake with the added flavour of orange, gives this cake its unique jaffa taste - even better with a choc/orange ganache throughout the layers.



The distinct flavour of caramel, especially when layered with the caramel buttercream, makes this a very yummy cake indeed.


Vanilla Bean

A light, moist cake, sponge-like in its consistency. Try it with buttercream throughout the layers, and if you like, some fruit puree.


White Chocolate

The white chocolate gives this cake a wonderful richness. Team it up with a white chocolate ganache and you have a winner.


Red Velvet

The name says it all - a very popular choice. Nice with vanilla, raspberry, or even caramel buttercream.


Lemon & Lime

Made with fresh lemons and limes, this one is sure to please. Lemon/lime buttercream throughout the layers and a spread of lemon curd really gets the taste-buds going.



Steeped in a an orange and cointreau syrup. Try this one with vanilla or orange flavoured buttercream or, for something a little different, some chocolate buttercream will give it a light jaffa taste.


Pina Colada

Moist coconut cake with pina colada flavoured buttercream



Very moist and full of flavour - delicious with vanilla buttercream or a cream cheese frosting*